Mini HVLP Spray Gun, 1.0mm Nozzle Set Up

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A Professional Mini HVLP Gravity Spray gun 1.0mm Set Up Read More
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Overview and Application 

The FMT9300 mini gun from Fast Mover is our premium HVLP mini spray gun. Suitable for high quality spray finishes in the automotive, industrial and construction sector. Its ergonomic handle design gives maximum control whilst the lightweight build of only 370g (inc. nylon cup) allows for pro-longed use with minimal discomfort. Lightweight and detailed trigger responsiveness allows for superb feathering.  

Uses and Application 

This mini HVLP spray gun can be used in the following applications 

  • Auto refinishing  
  • Spot Repairs 
  • SMART repair 
  • Alloy wheel respraying 
  • Detailed industrial finishing 

Nozzle sizing 

This gun is currently only supplied with a 1.0 mm nozzle which is ideal for basecoats, waterborne and solvent based paints.  

High Volume Low Pressure  

The FMT9300 boasts unrivalled transfer efficiency saving expensive paint material of up to 30% when comparing with a conventional spray gun.  

This H.V.L.P. spray gun has been developed and tested and has a transfer efficiency of greater than 65%. This means that 65% of the paint material which passes through the spray nozzle will reach the object being sprayed. 

20 - 28psi working spraying pressure, allows you to use a smaller compressor unit, and saves costs. It also complies with Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 

Materials Used 

Paint Needle- Manufactured using high grade of stainless steel gives maximum control over the amount of paint that is atomised and sprayed. 

Fluid Nozzle – Manufactured using stainless steel which provides very fine atomization and superior product life. Suitable for both Water based and Solvent based products.  

All seals and packings are made from Teflon which results in less maintenance and longer lifetime. 

Gun Body – finished with a high-grade nickel-plated treatment. The nickel coating has excellent anti corrosion benefits and will stand up to all solvent based paints. 


Tested and conforms to the following standards, certificates supplied. 

  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive 
  • EN ISO 12100: 2010 Safety of machinery 


Built in Air regulator which allows the user to manually adjust the air pressure into the gun.  

Material Flow Regulator  

Fan pattern control from round to oval. 

In the box 

  • FMT9300/1.0mm Mini HVLP Spray Gun 
  • FMT3600P Mini Pot 125mm