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Fast Mover Tools, 2 Part Metal to Metal Bonding & Repair Glue, 50ml Cartridge

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Easy and quick alternative to traditional spot welding technology Small metal panel adhesive 50ml Cartridge Colour: Black   Safety Data Sheet   Read More
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The 2 part FMT6390 is an exceptionally strong polyurethane adhesive for bonding small steel parts with a 20 minute working time.

Bond or declamp time is 4 hours

Applying heat at 60 C will reduce declamp time to 1-1/2 hours 

Working time : 20 minutes

Bonding time: 4 hours

Full curing time: 24 hours

Using this cold weld metal to metal panel bond will give you many advantages over hot welding.

  • No welding spots to grind
  • Removal of internal panels and rubber gaskets is not required
  • Does not deform metal
  • Electronics do not need to be disconnected
  • Self sealing adhesive

Colour: Black

Cartridge size 50ml 

This metal to metal bond cartidge will require a mixing and dispensing gun such as the FMT6339 or FMT6335.

Each cartridge is supplied with a 1:1 mixing nozzle and replacement nozzles are available in packs of 10. FMT6350

This metal to metal bond has a large number uses and can be used in automotive, construction, marine, agricultural, industrial, recreational and domestic applications.