Spraygun, Gravity, Mini HVLP, 0.8mm 125ml Pot Capacity

Below are a few of the advantages of using our Gravity Mini HVLP spray gun:-


  • HVLP spray guns are the most commonly used sprayguns and have well supported technology – which means far easier training materials and support is readily available


  • Vastly improved transfer efficiency


  • High volume, lower pressure (HVLP) so that your paint gets applied directly and precisely to the object, instead of disappearing into the atmosphere


  • Far less overspray meaning material savings can be more than half, so that’s more money that you can keep in your pocket


  • Excellent build quality


  • Environmentally friendly because of less wastage of materials that get transferred into the air


  • Perfect for metallic, water and solvent based paints


  • A wide spray pattern with excellent atomisation


  • An ergonomically designed handle


  • Lightweight, therefore very easy to carry


  • Offered at a really affordable price


  • Only requires a small compressor


  • The controls for the spray gun are located at the rear of the tool instead of the front, which allows for better ambidextrous use of the device


As well as the above obvious benefits, the Gravity Mini HVLP spraygun is also very light to use, easy to handle and because of its size it can get into small spaces.  All of these features make it perfect for those more intricate and detailed projects such as SMART touch up paint repairs or alloy wheel painting.  Further features include a 125ml pot capacity and it is compatible with the 3M disposable pot system.

To order and find out more about the Gravity Mini HVLP spraygun please click on the link below, or ring our team on 0044 (0)1582 661993 and we would be very happy to speak to you.