When you go out driving your car, you want people to notice it. So, you do take extra care of it. You vacuum it inside every week, you clean the dust and make it shine. However, when you get to the exterior, you just wash it with the regular soap and water.

That would be ok in case you hadn't notice that you're having some marks on your car painting. These can be swirl marks, marring, stone chips, bug remains, scratches, acid etching caused by bird droppings, and water spots. And this had to happen to you, the person who takes more good care of the car.

Well, polishing probably isn't something new to you. However, you never understood how it works and what it can do to help the exterior of your car. So, let's dive in.

When someone tells you they just polished their car, they can be saying one out of two things:

  • They just masked or removed the sub-surface car paint defects
  • They just enhanced the surface gloss for wax or sealant protection

Despite not all sub-surface defects can be corrected when you polish your car because of the different paint layers than more modern cars have, you still have a great chance of this polishing be the best solution for you. The fact is that most of these defects only affect the last layer (the one that you see). And when this is the case, you can rest assured that polishing your car will leave it as brand new. 

But how can you make your car look better? How can you polish it if you have never done it before?

There are two different ways to get to the same goal: you can either do it by hand or using a machine. My advice is that you should try to use a polish machine first and don't try to do it by hand.

So, and whether or not you already have experience in polishing your car, the best machine for this purpose is the 240V Electric 150mm Dual Action Polisher by Duren Tools.


Electric Polisher Video




It was developed thinking about the first-time polishers, like an introductory machine. However, due to its professional design and the quality of the work it delivers, it can surely be used by professionals too. It allows you to get used to the polishing process at a very affordable price. With a minimalist format, it couldn't be easier for you to start polishing your car. 

The 240V Electric 150mm Dual Action Polisher has a dual purpose sander and polisher. All you need to do is to plug it in and you don't even need to make any pressure at all. Changing it from sander to polisher couldn't be any easier.

The 240V Electric 150mm Dual Action Polisher is fully adjustable with its 6 different speeds. It has a plastic handle that allows you to use it very easily. It comes with 8 different pieces that are part of the starter kit. It includes the 150mm polishing and backing pads in hard, medium, and soft.


Electric Polisher

Plus, you'll also get a quite handy and robust bag that allows you to take this amazing tool everywhere you go. When you want a good polisher and sander machine, you don't need to spend a huge amount of money. With the 240V Electric 150mm Dual Action Polisher you get an amazing price for the quality and easiness of working with it.